The Dos and Don’ts of Dating from ‘The Mindy Project’: When You Have a Minute

The Mindy Project

Is there anything more embarrassing than a bad Rolf impression? On this week’s The Mindy Project, embarrassment is the name of the game. Dr. Lahiri has submitted an advertisement on Taxi TV called the Women’s Health Minute and it’s driving everyone in Manhattan mad. Everyone, of course, except for the local news folks! So they ask her to do the segment on-air. Only thanks to an overly-sarcastic-yet-concerned pregnant patient (Drea DeMatteo), she misses the segment and Dr. Castellano in all his unfettered awkward glory must fill in with a stumbly, bumbly introduction to UTI prevention for women. 

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So what did we learn from all of this (plus the painful return of Beverly, who’s now elevated herself from cranky sexual weirdo to full on bigoted, technological neophyte with a tendency towards creepy sexual harrassment)? Well, the Midwives With Attitude are doing serious business. But there are lessons to be learned from all of this! Roll that beautiful bean footage (also known as the dos and don’ts of dating)!

Don’t Disrespect Erica Everywoman — She’s just a little underinformed about women’s health.

Do Focus On Trying To Make The Future Less Disastrous — It’s a general rule of thumb that less disastrous the life, the better.

Do Wash Your Hands — No exceptions.

Don’t Listen to Tosh.0. — Nothing he says is a compliment, ever.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Redemption — Victory is yours!

Do Ride Out Humiliation — One day you’ll find your Kanye!

Don’t Answer Texts From Dicks — You’re better than the jerk who doesn’t get the picture.

Do Say How You Feel — But just know, you could’ve been like everyone else and shouted it from the bus.

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