The Dos and Don’ts of Dating from ‘The Mindy Project’: When You Accidentally Date a Prostitute

The Mindy Project

OK, guys? We need to talk about Danny and Mindy. Because tonight, it seems like someone’s self-conscious got on board the Mindy Train and we’re excited to see what happens. And in one moment in particular, the spark appeared: namely, Mindy and Danny’s shower scene. Out of context, it sounds steamy (all I do is pun, folks), but it was also sort of steamy in context, as well. Because it was the first time we’ve actually seen some serious chemistry and interest between the two seemingly-destined lead characters. And, man, that Danny Castellano sure does the casually-sensual-man’s-man thing well.

Danny is totally developing a crush on Mindy — even if he doesn’t realize it now, the stage has been set. I mean, did you see the way that he looked at her while they were intimately chatting in the bathroom? COME ON. It made me a wee bit jealous of Chris Messina‘s in-real-life lady love, his stare was so passionate. Plus, let’s be serious: the man has a pair of lips that literally probably anyone could get behind.

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Anyway, I’m getting distracted when there is still so much to be said! Because this week, Mindy was the Richard Gere to Seth Meyers‘ brother’s Julia Roberts (his name is Josh Meyers, in case you were wondering) on The Mindy Project. That’s right, we were straight up Pretty Womaning this s**t, y’all. The rom-com tropes never end. Only this one didn’t end as fancily as the classic 80s film.

Nightlife is the right life in New York City — unless your friends are a bunch of uptight already-betrotheds who would rather sit at home watching Panama Canal documentaries rather than go out. But Mindy’s a modern gal, and so she takes herself out for the night …only to be mistaken as a potential client by male prostie Adam. Woops! Never a good time to accidentally hire one of those, am I right?

But Mindy was determined to see the good in Adam. After all, he is an aspiring musician. So she brings him as her date to Danny and Alex’s house party …that she wasn’t invited to because Danny hates her boyfriends. Hmmm! Interesting. Sorry —  distracted by the destined romance. Anys**t, everything was going fine and dandy until it wasn’t, and then Adam admitted to the whole place that he was a sex worker and we all went home embarrassed, confused, and well-kissed (apparently Adam wasn’t kidding about his mouth work abilities).

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Nevertheless, in-like definitely seems to be on the horizon for Danny and Mindy, though if we’ve learned anything from this show, it’ll be far from stereotypically romantic. But that’s why we love Mindy, right? We’re rooting for her to learn (one day) that love isn’t like the movies, and sometimes the greatest things can be hiding right in plain sight. Swoon.

What was there to learn about love and dating this week? Enough to make a list, so let’s get down to business, shall we?

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1.) Do Not Mistake Business as Flirtation: You know what they say about mixing it with pleasure!

2.) Do Not Get Tacky When You’re Drunk: It just sends the wrong signals. Like you’re giving a male prostitute the go-ahead to turn the meter on.

3.) Do follow the rules of Pretty Woman: Not kissing is like, rule numero uno, dude.

4.) Do Be Offended When You’re Left Off a Friend’s Guestlist: Because what the f**k is that about, FRIEND?

5.) Do Try to Open Up: That’s how all the good stuff gets in.

6.) Do Not Give Yourself Private Tours of Other People’s Bedrooms: It’s just not polite.

7.) Do Not Ever Apologize for Bringing Wine Into The Shower: but definitely do apologize for leaving it there (who leaves wine, amirite!?).

8.) Do Break Awkward Tensions with Song: Whooooooo doesn’t looooove siiiiingiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?!

9.) Do Not Try To Pretty Woman a Male Prostitute: It really only works with Julia Roberts.

10.) Do Lean on Your Friends When You’re Feeling Down: Morgan could lift the spirits of a wooly mammoth.

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