Is This a Teaser for ‘The Newsroom’ or for Mission Control? — VIDEO

Jeff Daniels in the trailer for The Newsroom Season 2 — VIDEO 

Up until that final shot of the ACN studio, you’d be forgiven for not really knowing what you’re seeing in the new 30-second trailer for HBO’s The Newsroom. You see a trophy, a locker room, a flared spotlight. What is this? The teaser for an inspirational sports drama? An Apollo 13-style thriller about NASA heroics?

But this isn’t mission control. It’s where Jeff Daniels‘ relentlessly noble Will McAvoy holds court and maintains journalistic standards all by himself. The first season of Aaron Sorkin‘s series was criticized by some for its palpable self-importance. Yeah, this clip isn’t going to dispel that. Check it out: 

 Will you be watching when Season 2 starts on July 14?

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