‘The Office’ Casts Cody Horn for the Post-Michael Scott World

Cody HornWe knew that with the departure of Michael Scott from The Office, we’d see some major changes and some of those changes will come in the form of new faces — three new faces to be exact. On that front, we now know one of those faces will be Cody Horn, the model turned actress who spent a little time on Rescue Me as the perfect woman with the slight issue of “post-coital flatulence.” Yikes. While she’s not exactly known for her comedic chops just yet, and unlike much of the cast, she hasn’t been honing her jokes for the past few years before joining the show, but she may just be the wake-up the show needs once we’re all done mourning the loss of Mr. Scott. (Besides, if she accepted that role on Rescue Me, she’s got to have a self-depreciating sense of humor.)

Horn will be joining as a “sweet and smart” new staffer whose role will be recurring with the potential to become a regular. But will there be romance? Paul Lieberstein, the show’s executive producer and the actor behind the worst person ever (duh, Toby), has an idea or two about that, “We’ve been searching for a love interest for Creed for a long time. So just sit back and get ready to be disgusted.” I know he’s completely joking, but that actually wouldn’t be the worst idea ever. (Only for a single episode though because Creed’s creepiness is powerful stuff. Small doses only.)

Horn is the first of three new office mates; the next two faces will be Stanley’s daughter (who we’ve already seen on the show multiple times, but maybe he has more than one?) and a new member for the accounting department. Oh helllll no. Angela and Oscar are going to have a collective heart attack. Well Oscar might just have an “actually…” fit and Angela’s brow might furrow so hard it gets stuck that way. On that note, who’s excited for new blood at Dunder Mifflin (Sabre, womp womp)?

Source: TV Line