‘The Office’ Looking To Add Two New Characters

Ellie KemperThis seems about right. With Michael Scott leaving The Office, there’s a mighty big space to fill. Even though I’m sure the existing characters are more than capable of filling the void, the producers are looking to add new blood once again. This is, of course, not without precedent considering that Andy, Erin, Gabe, and even Daryl are additions to the cast. And considering they have some of the better plots each week, the new cast members could potentially be a great source of material for the writers.

The producers are looking to cast a male and female part. The female role is said to be “Scranton hot” and would act as a personal assistant to the new manager. The male will be new to the accounting department, educated at a community college and only has experience working at a golf course. Sounds a bit like Andy, no? Either way, The Office never disappoints when creating new characters and there is still no guarantee that any of this will happen considering the end of this season is still up in the air. But this does offer a clue that they will replace Michael internally considering neither of these characters seem like they would replace Michael. I guess we’ll just have to be patient and wait.

But let’s be honest. That sucks. To tide you over, here’s the preview for this week’s episode where Michael goes missing:


Source: EW and NBC