‘The Office’ Recap: Garage Sale


That’s really all that needs to be said, no?

If we had to say more about it though, it would be that this is how the end begins, we guess. And holy shit was it sweet and romantic. I didn’t think Michael Scott had it in him, but he stepped up to the plate and somehow managed to make a proposal almost as sweet as Jim and Pam’s. Damn, when The Office is on it is ON.

“Shoulda burned this place down when I had the chance.” -Michael (it made sense in context)

Let’s just abandon all pretense and talk about the big news: Michael proposed and didn’t screw it up completely. We also learned why he’ll be leaving, so all in all THIS WAS AN IMPORTANT EPISODE YOU GUYS. As for why he’d be leaving, I’ll be honest (like I would be any other way with you), I was a little disappointed. I kinda figured it would be a little something bigger than following Holly to take care of her parents (not that taking care of your parents isn’t important — Mom, you’re going to a home, sorry), but whatever. The Office is based on real life and people have moved halfway across the country for less (example: cinnamon buns). It was the only real moment of gravitas in the episode but it really showed Michael’s commitment to being with Holly that he wouldn’t even think twice about leaving his “family” to be with her. Collective awwwww.

Anyway, it seems like Michael’s proposal was rather natural and it made sense since everything seemed to be leading up to it. I never thought they would drag out Michael’s love life any more than they had so it was really great that they just let it happen. By my count this is the fourth proposal on the show (Phyllis’ was off-screen, Andy and Angela’s, and Jim and Pam’s), and it was just barely beneath Jim’s in terms of how endearing it was. When Michael does something right, he does it really well.

“Holy shit, is that real?” -Pam (and every girlfriend of mine — HEYO!)

Of course, Pam helped him vet his first few dozen ideas before settling on something truly romantic. There was some really great humor here from Ryan, Jim, and Oscar as they shot down idea after idea; but they had the best intentions at heart. As Vulture pointed out about Parks and Recreation, there is an influx of awkward comedy recently (in the past five or so years) and to see The Office (the KING of awkward) get really sweet with its most awkward character was not only surprising but absolutely awwwww-worthy. The sprinkler system going off just sealed the deal. Absolutely amazing.

But can I just ask the question, WHERE IN THE HELL DID THEY GET ALL THOSE CANDLES? Small question, I know. But I had to ask.

“And that, is Dallas.” -Kevin

Meanwhile, life went on in the office as usual. The big narrative story was the whole gang decided to have a garage sale, which doesn’t make sense, but whatever. It set up a few good jokes, but the whole thing was overshadowed by Michael (as usual). Ryan tries to hock his mom’s pesto and salsa and put Phyllis and Oscar on the jars. Dwight tries to barter his way up from a thumbtack to the nicest thing in the garage sale, but Jim convinces him that his bag of legumes is magic. Gotta give props to Jim for his ability to sale that little bag. He’s a master prankster.

Then Kevin, Andy, and Daryl were playing a game of Dallas together (who says Community gets all the pop culture references?) and it was actually fairly genius. I have a feeling that these three guys will have a much more prominent role in the coming weeks and next season considering they have all gotten a significant increase in screen time. It almost became mean how they kept making up the rules, but I don’t think it was vicious. Kevin just couldn’t keep up. But he got the last laugh when he stole the money. BOOSH — perfect ending to that story.

I guess I should go ahead and bring this up here. After the episode, NBC aired the Will Ferrell promo that seemed to suggest he is the new boss. People. Be aware. Ferrell will only be on the show for four episodes. He will be temporary. So no matter what happens next week, just know that it won’t last. I know this is kind of a spoiler, but it shouldn’t be. Don’t let NBC fool you! You need to know the truth! The truth is out there!