‘The Office’ Sets Finale Date, Make Your Booze Cruise Reservations Now

The Office Gets May 16 Series Finale Date From NBC

After nine seasons, four Emmy Awards, two branch managers, and one foot roasted on a George Foreman grill, The Office is getting ready to close its doors for the last time. NBC announced today the series finale of the long-running hit comedy will air as an hour-long installment on May 16. There’s no word yet on whether any special guests, including former series star Steve Carell, will appear.

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A vast expansion of the original single-camera BBC workplace sitcom starring Ricky Gervais, the U.S. Office quickly established itself as a unique entity with little relationship to its British predecessor and helped popularize the “faux documentary” aesthetic in TV comedy.

It’s given us many lessons over the years: that gift baskets can solve all your problems; Chili’s is the ideal venue for any business lunch; head injuries are to be taken more seriously than foot injuries; your HR representative is to be hated and feared; moving to Costa Rica will inevitably lead to your confinement in a neck brace; and long-term pining for your receptionist is charming and not in any way creepy.

Will you be watching on May 16?

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