‘The Office’ Wraps Shooting! Cast Shares Series Finale Hints

The Office - Jim, Pam, and Dwight

Even when a television show is long past its prime, churning out only sad shadows of the quality for which it was once famous, it’s still hard to say goodbye. The Office might be a few dozen rungs below its Season 2 prime, but the final bow for Dunder-Mifflin is bound to earn a few sweet tears.

On Saturday, the NBC sitcom officially wrapped shooting, closing the doors on the Scranton-based paper company once and for all. The cast and crew hit Twitter to express their sentiments on the end of the line for their Thursday night mainstay.

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John Krasinski (Jim)

Jenna Fisher (Pam)

Rainn Wilson (Dwight)

Wilson also tweeted the below image of the empty set post-shooting…

The Office - Last day of shooting

Ed Helms (Andy)

Angela Kinsey (Angela)

Brian Baumgartner (Kevin)

Kate Flannery (Meredith)

Even one former cast member took the time to tweet about the show coming to an end…


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Over at Entertainment Weekly, some of the major players shared a few hints about how the characters’ stories might end.

Jenna Fisher talks Jim and Pam
“I think this year we really portrayed them as a real married couple with real obstacles. People often don’t really deal with change well and Pam didn’t deal with the idea of Jim changing and his job changing. So I’m really proud of us for tackling some of those things in a realistic way and not a soap-opera way.”

Ellie Kemper talks Erin
“Erin has a spectacular end that I can’t really tell you about. It involves some amazing people that I also can’t tell you about, but I’m really happy with how we see her in the last episode. … Basically my wishes for her send-off came true.”

Kate Flannery talks Meredith
“I think in Meredith’s mind, it’s [a] positive [ending], but I’m not sure everyone else will think [that]. It’s all subject to the crazy reality of Dunder-Mifflin … I think the fans are going to be really excited. Everyone is going to be very satisfied.”

Leslie David Baker (Stanley) talks the series finale
“It’s going to be very heartfelt. It will give you a chance to see what people do when they leave — just like at a real office when people start to go their own separate ways.”

But just because the characters’ time together might be coming to a close, that doesn’t mean the same will be the case for the actors. Star Ed Helms said, “We hang out as it is, so there will be much more of that … These are my dearest friends and family.” Yep, there are those sweet tears we were talking about.

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