Are The ‘#RichKids of Beverly Hills’ as Horrifyingly Vapid as They Seem?

#Richkids of Beverly HillsE! Entertainment Media

So, the #RichKids of Beverly Hills has been on E! for all of two episodes, and it’s difficult to determine what it is that’s going on here. We know that the show is supposed to introduce us to a slew of sickeningly rich, spoiled, beatiful, monstrous beings, but there has to be more to these kids, right? Right?

In the first episode many viewers were surprised to hear discussions about homophobia and charity work amidst all of the shopping on Rodeo Drive and discussions of Louboutins and Cristal. But then the second episode opened with the two stars of the show (Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart) shopping to “reward” themselves for a job well done with their blood drive. That was… kind of hilarious. Or sick. Or, typical #RichKid stuff.

The second episode also involved some major life changes for Roxy, who is dealing with the psychological, emotional, and physical anguish of being “cut off” by her parents. But we find out that her definition of “cut off” just means “being asked to shop a little less often, but still getting to live in her family mansion, drive the car her Daddy bought her, and still eat and live better than 99% of people in the world.” Luckily, we have Morgan putting things into perspective for her friend. Sort of:

See how Morgan was kind of the voice of reason there? Cool, right? And you could almost take these people more seriously… if only Morgan hadn’t compared picking out a manicure color to applying for college earlier in the episode. If only…

So in answer to the question, “Are The #RichKids Of Beverly Hills As Horrifyingly Vapid As They Seem?” we’re gonna have to go with “yes.” They are. It may not be their fault, but they are. And still, we may have to keep tuning in, in hopes that one day they prove us wrong.