‘The Sandman’ In Talks For Television

ALT TEXTNerds everywhere, rejoice!

Warner Bros. TV is in talks with DC Entertainment to acquire television rights for The Sandman, the classic comic book series by Neil Gaiman. The studio is considering many writers and producers, but one name is at the top of the list: Eric Kripke, the creator of CW’s Supernatural. And that dude knows how to handle superheroes on television.

The Sandman tells the story of Morpheus, a deity who personifies dreams and the book deals in genres of fantasy, horror, and mythology.

Back in the ’90s, rumors swirled about a Sandman movie, but after trouble securing the project, that idea fizzled out and evolved into bringing the story to television. Currently, the only network being mentioned is HBO — but this is all very preliminary.

Regardless of what actually does happen, The Sandman on HBO would be totally sweet. The writers and producers wouldn’t run into the same issue that all comic book movie creators face — you know, the “how the hell do we fit that whole story in like, 2 hours?” conundrum. A TV series would allow plenty of time for character development and story line expansion (The Wire, anyone?). Nerdgasm!

Source: Hollywood Reporter