‘The Simpsons’ Renewed For Two More Seasons

The Simpsons CouchTo quote the great Homer: “Woo-hoo!” After a tumultuous week during which Fox released statements saying that The Simpsons could not continue on with its current financial model and the question of whether this 23rd season would be the series’ last loomed over us all, it is confirmed that the longest-running comedy series on television will continue for at least two more seasons, making for a nice round number: 25 seasons. This should please people with OCD if this renewal is the Springfield family’s last. This news follows reports that Fox demanded 45-percent salary cuts for all six of the series’ main cast members in order to prevent the series from being cancelled. Just yesterday, Harry Shearer (voice of Ned Flanders and many other beloved regular characters) said he’d be willing to take a 70 percent cut as long as he got a share of some of the back end merchandising and syndication profits. There’s no word on what the final deal is, but the good thing is the series will stick around a bit longer, maybe even long enough to deliver a proper, well thought-out farewell. Source: EW

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