The Situation Admits ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Staged on ‘Live with Kelly’

Jersey Shore Mike The SituationWe’ve all suspected that Jersey Shore is at least a little bit staged since it hit Season Two and the drama kept repeating itself. How many times can Snooki be provoked by regular, unassuming people in bars? Although, I will say if they are staging this show – and let’s face it, they are – they need to up the ante a bit because the Season Five premiere was a bit of a snooze. And to coax us into watching that snooze, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino went on the usually wholesome morning talk show, Live! With Kelly to chat about all the back and forth between him and Snooki. However, he clearly hasn’t been coached well-enough before these interviews because he accidentally drops a bit of a bomb: saying that he tells people that the show’s antics are a little…staged. (Guest host and former New York Jet, Boomer Esiason, helped him fill in that gaping blank.) Of course, the Sitch immediately backtracked and covered his tracks by saying the 45 seconds of monologue was just a joke. Right.

The good part starts at about the 30 second mark. Do you think the Sitch was really joking? Or did he just spill some beans that would anger a few MTV producers?

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Source: Wetpaint