‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: It’s Prom in Mystic Falls, and No One Even Died

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The question is not did you scream both times beloved characters returned to The Vampire Diaries during the show’s epic prom episode, “Pictures of You.” No, the question is how loudly did you scream? Like, were your loved ones scared for your safety? Did a neighbor knock on your door to make sure you were alright?

Let’s look at these chronologically. Now, we all knew that Jeremy’s death was permanent. But since this is The Vampire Diaries, we clung to the hope that one day, in a season or two, our Young Gilbert would return in some form or another (flashback, vision, who cares?). Little did we know it would happen so soon.

But it was a little disappointing that it was Bonnie who saw Jer, first in dream, then in person (a.k.a. Silas in disguise). How, time and time again, does she get tricked by Silas? Girlfriend should be skeptical of EVERYTHING, especially when her dead ex-boyfriend returns to slow-dance with her at the prom. Thankfully, she snapped out of it eventually. And, realistically, she probably knew it was Silas deep down, but she didn’t really have much closure from Jer’s death so she allowed herself to believe it for a few fantastic minutes.

The second return might have even been more shocking, though. We knew Tyler would reappear at some point this season, but who would’ve thought it would be in Mystic Falls — while Klaus was still around? It was the most romantic gesture he could pull, and since Caroline is the best, it’s nice she got such a lovely present. It’s also nice that Klaus again gave Tyler a head start before he got to murderin’ purely out of his love for Caroline.

As great as those Forwood scenes were, though, the Klaroline ones could’ve been even better. The fact that Caroline confided in Klaus when Elena stole her dress, no matter how trivial the request (for a gorgeous vintage gown), means she’s slowly but surely warming to Klaus’ affection — in a realistic way. It definitely doesn’t feel forced.

Oh, did you want to talk about the Delena/Stelena situation? Damon and Elena shippers might not have been so happy when Damon tried to DTR his fling with Elena, and she was all like “hell no you aren’t my boyfriend!” (Damn you, Silas!) But anyone can appreciate how sexy Stefan trying to seduce Elena into remembering her humanity really was. The whole “killing Elena with kindness” plan didn’t really work, though. To Plan B it is!

Or, actually, Plan C — Damon noticed that Elena was actually scared when she almost died, so the new plan is to terrify the hell out of her (fear is a human emotion, after all), until she reclaims her humanity.

A very special mention to our Prom King, Matt Donovan, who shared some sweet moments with Rebekah as she tried to live her prom night as a human so Elijah would give her the cure. I mean, he was kind of a jerk at first, but then realized he was being a d-bag and sort-of apologized. Plus: slow clap for Rebekah, who finally, finally got to go to a school dance. Congrats, girl! You did it!

As warm and fuzzy as all the bonding moments between characters were, it’s kind of misleading to highlight that without mentioning how much murder almost happened, too. I suppose that’s because this is Mystic Falls and murder is like their no. 1 industry, but still. Silas as Stefan confronting Damon, Klaus giving Tyler a five-second reprieve, Elena taking a chunk out of April’s neck, Bonnie trying to kill Elena — a lot of close calls during prom!

The end of the episode gave us our first sort-of glimpse at the real Silas. Spoiler: he’s totally busted. But he has been in a crypt for a billion years, so that’s probably to be expected.

Next week, the Originals head to New Orleans for their spin-off episode, which looks amazing. And why wouldn’t it be amazing, considering it’s got three of the best TVD characters, including the real king, Elijah.

What did you think of prom? Mystic Falls High sure has a high budget for school dances (possibly higher than McKinley High’s glee club budget).

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