‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Crazy? Probably.

The Vampire Diaries Recap Catch Me If You Can STEFAN. REBEKAH. OMG. It’s hard to concentrate on digesting all the informational mythological tidbits the writers fed us during this week’s Vampire Diaries when there are more important things to think about, like why we had to cut off super-hot angry vampires doin’ it to listen to Jeremy be annoying about stuff. He wasn’t even in a tank top, so we couldn’t stare at his biceps hunter’s mark. Rude!

But yes, newfound allies (and former paramours) Stefan and Rebekah finally got together for some no-strings-attached crazy person sex (“Crazy sex is always good,” Stefan taught us). They didn’t get straight to the good stuff, though — Stefan had to let Elena’s admission that she loves Damon sink in, then go save the day (with a smug, Sadie-in-MTV’s-Awkward-style “You’re welcome”), then fall into bed with Rebekah, who’d almost gotten killed by her own brother. (Not Klaus this time, Crazy Kol. Maybe we should just realize that “crazy” is just implied when you’re talking about an Original? Must be something about living thousands of years that makes you go nuts. Except for Elijah, he is perfect in every way.) Also, Stefan to Elena: “You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you.” SIGH/SWOON/ETC. Perfect line.

In addition to showing us the (too brief) dalliance between one of the teams after the cure, “Catch Me If You Can” also taught us a thing or two about expression magic, Silas, vervain, and the hunter’s mark (possibly). Let’s go through our new tidbits, shall we?

First, the magic: Bonnie’s dad had Shane arrested when he found out Shane was behind the pastor’s explosion. When Bonnie found out Shane really was the person who caused April’s dad to kill so many people, she totally lost control of herself and almost killed Shane. Shane had done it to help resurrect Silas, not because he’s nuts. “I’m not crazy, I’m just passionate,” he pleaded. (Isn’t that what Twi-hards like to tell themselves?) He tried to convince her that expression magic was, like, totally safe, reminding her how powerful she felt when using it. “You are smart; you are strong,” he said. “You is kind, you is smart, you is important,” he added. (No he didn’t.) It didn’t really work, though, because Bonnie knew what she was doing was dangerous, although she tried to convince her dad she didn’t lose control. Uh oh, does she not realize what happened? Is the evil clouding her brain? This could be bad.

As for Silas, Kol caused some trouble for the boys team racing for the cure — Jeremy, Damon, and Matt, the skins — and murdered all the vampires Klaus created to help Jeremy build his mark. In the process, he revealed to Damon and Jeremy that he’d run into some Silas devotees a few hundred years ago who warned him that Silas’ resurrection would bring about the end of times, and he decided to believe this cult of crazies so he killed them all. Now, he wants to find the cure and kill anyone else who wants to bring back Silas because he’s super scared of what will happen if he doesn’t. He compelled some dude to sneak into Shane’s apartment and find Silas’ grave stone, but Stefan caught the intruder.

In the process, Stefan dropped some possibly new vervain knowledge on us: though the dude was filled with vervain, he wouldn’t tell them anything. Turns out, he was still under compulsion that had taken place before he ingested the vervain, thus negating its effects. They needed to wait until it was out of his system so they could compel him themselves, but it was too late — dude bit off his own tongue then stabbed himself in the face rather than admit anything. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Kol had also messed with the plan when he compelled Damon to kill Jeremy, something Stefan put a stop to by snapping Damon’s neck (prompting the aforementioned “you’re welcome”) and forcing Stefan to lock Damon in a cell until they could figure out how to un-compel him. Poor Damon, always getting put into cells in the Salvatore mansion. You’d think they’d have furnished those things a little better by now.

Elena, understandably pissed — not only is Damon the vampire she’s sire bonded to, he’s also the person she’s in love with — laid out a new plan of action for the boys’ team: kill Kol instead. This raises a very important hunter’s mark-related question. Jeremy will build his mark for killing Kol, but will he also get credit for all the subsequent vampire deaths from Kol’s bloodline becoming extinct? Theoretically, that could finish the mark…

Lots to think about from “Catch Me If You Can,” and I’m not just talking about that sexy Stefan/Rebekah business. How will the hunter’s mark and Bonnie’s expression magic change as a result of the things we now know? What did you think of the episode?

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