‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: The Race for the Cure Gets Deadly

The Vampire Diaries A View To a Kill RecapTwo questions immediately came to mind following “A View to a Kill,” the Vampire Diaries episode that saw the blossoming of a relationship (Stefan and Rebekah), the death of an Original (Kol…zzzz), Bonnie being badass (finally!), and the completion of the Hunter’s mark. First: HI INTERNET PLEASE CAN YOU MAKE A GIF OF JEREMY RIPPING HIS SHIRT OFF? K THX. Second: Is Evil Klaus back? Are we supposed to hate that dimpled smile again!?

Last things first: Despite some major complications, Jeremy followed through with Elena’s plan to kill Kol and his stupid accent. That had three major repercussions. First, although Klaus was not on Kol’s side in this particular instance, he is MAJORLY pissed that the Mystic Falls crew would conspire to kill his brother. Why is he so surprised by that?! Second, Damon was free to leave his cell because his compulsion to kill Jeremy had passed. Third, and best of all, the hunter’s mark was completed, causing Jeremy to rip off his shirt in a fit of energy. As of right now, the Internet hasn’t gifted us with a continuous GIF of this great moment, but it’s only a matter of time. You never let us down, Internet.

Other happy things happened this week too, like Rebekah finally getting her ass to a school dance, even if it was just her and Stefan drinking illicit teacher’s lounge booze to classic ’80s tunes. “I hope you like The Cure,” joked Funny, Flirty Stefan. (I like this Stefan almost as much as Ripper Stefan.) “Funny,” shot back Fun, Flirty Rebekah. (I like this Rebekah because she gets daggered a lot and I imagine that leaves her filled with rage most of the time.) Of course, it didn’t exactly end happily once she realized Stefan wanted to kill her brother. As he pointed out, there is still a familial bond among the Originals: “They may be dysfunctional bickering lunatics, but they stick together no matter what.” But still, at least girlfriend got to dance to “Wanted Dead or Alive” in a school gym, as all people should have the opportunity to do at least once in their lives. We learned that she’s on board to find the cure so she can live a normal, human life. She just wants to be loved! We love you, Rebekah. Never leave us.

Then, of course, there was the whole Kol dying thing, which caused Klaus to go back to being evil. Listen — he was brought in as the biggest of all big bads, yet here he is two seasons later trying to romance one of the show’s best, most beloved characters (Caroline, duh, who was MIA even though it’s preposterous to think that she would ever consider peacing out during the planning of a decade dance). Let’s be honest, guys — we’ve put up with it because goddamn is Joseph Morgan attractive and those dimples are hard to say no to. But things are much more interesting/make much more sense when he’s the bad guy. Plus, with all this talk of New Orleans and all of this “falling out of favor with the Mystic Falls crew” business, it’s setting up his exit (to his own spinoff) quite nicely.

Klaus and Damon had a very interesting conversation about evil, about how Elena has seemingly forgiven Damon for all of the crappy things he’s done and how Klaus can’t get Caroline to look past all of his murderin’ and other assorted evils. Damon was different, he explained, because he did all of his terrible things for a reason other than general dickishness. “If you’re going to be bad, be bad with a purpose. Otherwise you’re not worth forgiving,” he said, wisely. Which is why it was kind of nice at the end of the episode when Klaus got mean again. He can’t redeem himself in the eyes of anyone in Mystic Falls, so he basically needs to GTFO.

Unexpectedly, though, it was Bonnie who might’ve had the biggest week. (Unexpected because, well, it’s Bonnie.) Her dad is proving to be both a competent parent and a competent mayor (the likes of Mystic Falls has never seen before!). He’s spiked the town’s water supply with vervain, and enforced a curfew to keep the kidz off the streetz. Mystic Falls seems pretty low on non-supernatural crime, so obviously this is all vampire/werewolf/witch-related.

Her dad threatened a family sit-down, but little did Bonnie realize that he meant he’d invited her vampire mom, too. They needed to talk about her dark — sorry, expression — magic before she got too Dark Willow for her own good. “I need it,” Bonnie shouted. (She can stop any time she wants, though.) She wants to find the cure to help her mom. “I’m not the one that needs to be saved — you are,” her mom responds. Basically, it wasn’t a successful family meeting.

Oh by the way, Elena knows that Stefan and Rebekah are doin’ it. Drama! As Damon would say (about something else completely different), “here we go!”

What did you think of the episode?

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