‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Candice Accola on Hope for Klaroline, Forwood, and a Cure

ALTNot to be a dream-crusher, Klaroline fans, but The Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola is pretty certain that her badass teenage vampire Caroline Forbes has no interest in starting a relationship with mass-murdering vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus. Not any time soon, at least.

“Obviously it’s up to the writers, but I really don’t think so,” Accola tells Hollywood.com of the possibility that Klaroline could actually date. “Caroline has been very immediate in who she has feelings for, and she’s never really been like ‘Ooh, I kind of like this Klaus guy.'”

But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope whatsoever. “She doesn’t like him, but I think she likes certain things about him. She definitely recognizes his charm, and she likes the perspective he has on the world. It’s kind of when you meet a guy and you’re like ‘I know you’re not right for me, but there are a lot of things I like about you and we can be friends,'” she adds.

Still, Accola says Caroline isn’t interested — right now. “I don’t think that she loves him, and I think she’s fueled by love and it’s just not igniting right now. So who knows? The writers can take it whichever way that they want, but the Caroline I’ve gotten to know in the past four years, I don’t know.”

Caroline and Tyler, on the other hand? They’re totally on — just going through a rough patch as they get a little older and more mature.

“I think they’re entering the beginning of the reality of what it means to be in a relationship,” Accola says. “All Caroline really wants is for them to be able to kiss and go out to dinner and everything will be perfect all the time. If Klaus goes away, if all these supernatural things are just put to rest, everything will be perfect and they can be themselves and be together.”

Not so fast, Caroline. “The reality is that eventually, especially as you get older, you start to develop stronger opinions and they don’t always match someone else’s,” Accola explains. So yes, there’s trouble ahead. “Even though I would assume that Caroline would think that it’s all because of Klaus or supernatural things — these big, dramatic things — but it’s really just them starting to disagree on their expectations of the relationship.”

As for the other potential love interest for Caroline, Stefan (come on, you see their connection too!), Accola says right now Staroline (Cefan? Forvatore?) is just a friendship. “I really enjoy [their dynamic], and right now Caroline is really just rooting for him and Elena to be together so bad because she knows this is a good guy. He deserves to be with someone great. Elena is great; she deserves to be with someone great. They would be perfect together and live happily ever and I could plan that whole wedding! That’s where Caroline’s at right now. I think she just recognizes all these great things about him, and that the core of him is so selfless, but she’s very much in love and wrapped up with Tyler right now.”

During Thursday, Dec. 13’s midseason finale, “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” Accola promises plenty of drama as the gang bands together to suppress Jeremy’s newfound murderous impulses toward his vampire sister and friends. “Everyone thinks that that they are right, so there is an objective within the episode and everyone’s trying to communicate but their communication really isn’t as strong as it has been.”

More than that, though, the episode will set up some major moments for the second half of the season. “You’re going to learn a lot too, continuing to dive into the mythology, but in particular, I would tell the viewers to pay attention to moments within the conversations that are going to potentially set up some more conflicts in the future.”Vague! And dramatic! Just how we like our Vampire Diaries teasers.

But Accola was a little less vague when it comes to discovering the next “chapter” of Season 4. “Everyone starts gathering around a specific goal — to find the cure — and we’re going to learn more about it. There’s so much mythology coming up. [Showrunner] Julie [Plec] has kind of explained that the series and this season is broken up into three different chapters with six or seven episodes each in different arcs. Right now we’ve been with Elena [becoming] a newfound vampire. Now, going into this next chapter, we’re learning about the cure. The next episodes when we come back are so mythology-based that it’s just setting things up. I have no idea where the writers are taking the season finale!”

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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