‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: [Spoiler] is Dead! And Everyone You Love is Back (Season 4, Episode 22)

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Bonnie hasn’t exactly been a fan favorite character on The Vampire Diaries, that’s for sure. But after the final few seconds of the penultimate Season 4 episode, “The Walking Dead,” were you shocked? Devastated? Sad? Not really upset at all, and then kind of weirded out that you didn’t have a huge emotional reaction?

Yes, folks, Bonnie is dead. For real real. (But not dead dead, since this is Mystic Falls and the veil is still open, so she can walk freely among the living until it’s finally closed.) How could this happen?! And just as she was about to get rid of Silas for good — or so she thought.

Silly Bonnie, as much as Shane brainwashed her into thinking that her expression magic was the strongest thing ever, she should have realized that an 18-year-old wouldn’t be a match for the most powerful immortal being of all time, no matter how powerful a witch or how many ancestors she had on her side.

Bonnie got Katherine to hand over Qetsiya’s grave stone (filled with the ancient witch’s calcified blood, ew) so she could lift the veil to the other side, contact Qetsiyah, and get rid of Silas for good. She lifted the veil, but only within the expression triangle, and that’s when the problems started.

Turns out, Silas had been messing with Bonnie all along. He could for sure screw with her head — and did, getting all of her friends to menacingly threaten her in a pretty darn awesome scene. Qetsiya didn’t want to come help Bonnie, she wanted to be with Silas.

Grams to the rescue! The veil was gone, and Bonnie’s beloved Grams came to help her get the strength to turn Silas back to stone. But when she was done, it wasn’t enough — she still wasn’t over Jeremy’s death and let the darkness overtake her as she attempted to get him back. Unfortunately, the effort proved too much and she dropped to the floor, dead.

You might’ve exhaled when you saw Bonnie open her eyes and get up, but in a typical TVD twist, that relief was short-lived: Grams was there to let her know that the spell had taken her life. She was dead. For real. And I didn’t really care.

At first I loved Bonnie — she was the fun friend during Season 1 when Caroline was still a popular bitch — but she quickly became irrelevant. It seemed like she stuck around to help the Mystic Falls gang whenever they needed a witch, not because she had relevant relationships with anyone anymore. As much as it sucks to see a member of the crew leave, I feel like it was Bonnie’s time. That is, unless they find a way to bring her back. Which would be okay, as long as it makes sense. Basically, I’m indifferent to her existence. How do you feel?

Bonnie wasn’t the only one to go through some major s**t, though. Elena went after Katherine with her rage/grief, but after Stefan knocked some sense into her by telling her to man the f up since she wasn’t the only person in town who’d lost pretty much all of her loved ones, she retreated to her brother’s grave to properly grieve a little.

When the veil dropped, it wasn’t only friendly ghosts who returned — Kol also came back with an eye on revenge for his own death. Since Jeremy was already dead, Elena was the next best thing. He cornered her at Jeremy’s grave but don’t even worry about it because Little Gilbert came back just in time (armed with a crossbow) to protect his sister. With an assist from Stefan, he did just that.

You know who is in trouble, though? Rebekah. All of the vampire hunters came back from the dead too, and cornered her. How will she fare? We’ll have to wait until next week.

And finally, the best part:The epic Alaric/Damon bromance lives! Alaric popped back in to check on his best bro after the veil dropped. He brought with him some typically wise words, the greatest bro hug in the history of bro hugs, and even snagged the cure from Silas’ pocket and told his pal to “get the girl.” What does it mean?! What will Damon do with the cure?!

We’ll find out next week when one person definitely ingests the cure. In the meantime, weigh in: Am I the only one who doesn’t really care about Bonnie? Do you also hope they write Matt Davis back in now that his other CW show is officially dunzo? Which back-from-the-dead person were you happiest to see? Were you also afraid that they wouldn’t bring back Lexi, then let out a sigh of relief when they trotted her in at the last second?

The season finale of The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday, May 16 at 8 PM ET/PT on The CW.

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