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I’m getting worried. Based on some hints, subtle clues, and a few lines of dialogue cleverly placed here and there – which may not seem like much but on a show as nuanced as The Vampire Diaries that means the world – I think I know where a huge part of this season may be heading. And it doesn’t look good for new vamp Elena (Nina Dobrev) or her ghost-seeing brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen).

These siblings have already gone through so much heartache and hardship that it hardly seems fair to deal them another blow, but we’ve learned throughout the years that TVD doesn’t play fair. Hell, that is what makes this show so good! You have to expect the unexpected, and even then, the shocking twists and turns are so game changing that fans fall in love with the show all over again.

I’m going to make a prediction that could be so far off from what actually happens, we’ll all be laughing by season’s end. But if I’m right, once again this show will take on a whole new direction and the TVD we know and love could change forever as it has already done once this season thanks to Elena’s transformation into a vampire.

Here is what I think TVD Season 4 is going to be all about: Jeremy will become one of “The Five.” We haven’t heard much about these mysterious vampire hunters but this much we do know:

There are five vampire hunters.

They are stronger, faster, and more successful than any other hunters we’ve seen.

They are marked by invisible tattoos, only visible to other hunters or potential hunters, and Jeremy can see them.

Klaus took a major interest in Connor, one of “The Five,” even though Connor doesn’t know anything about his own lineage.

While Jeremy becoming one of “The Five” would be a major storyline in and of itself, it’s what it means for his relationship with his sister that is the most important – and worrisome – aspect. Now that Elena is a vampire, she would be one of the hunted.

Yes, she is Jeremy’s sister, but that won’t exempt her or save her from Jeremy’s wrath. Let’s take a look at some facts.

In the season premiere, back when some characters were still harboring some hope for Elena to reverse her transition (in vain), Jeremy let loose a line so telling, it seemed blunt, harsh, and, at the time, very out of character: “I need my sister, not another one of them.” Elena may have taken that as encouragement to find a way out of being a vampire, but it was quite clear what he actually meant: If you become a vampire, you will no longer be my family. You will be a monster.

Jeremy has quite the grudge against vampires. Two of his girlfriends (Vicki and Anna) are dead because of vampires, his parents died because a vampire (Stefan) only saved his sister from their car accident, his aunt was killed in the hybrid ritual by a vampire (Klaus), his history teacher turned guardian (Alaric) was killed after being forced into becoming a vampire vampire hunter, and his sister was constantly put in danger by vampires until she was turned into one. Jeremy is, understandably, pretty pissed.

The Gilbert family has had a long line of vampire hunters, and Jeremy has already expressed interest in carrying on the family tradition. He wears the same ring that led Alaric to start murdering vampires and vampire sympathizers. Jeremy already made it clear that he’s going to keep wearing the ring, consequences be damned, until his sister stops hanging around vampires.

It has now been established that Elena needs to drink blood from the vein in order to survive. She has succeeded in not killing anyone yet (close call with Matt, though) but I have a feeling that perfect record will be impossible to keep. Jeremy won’t be too keen on his sister treating people like blood bags, and even less joyous if/when she ends up killing anyone.

All of these signs point to one huge inevitability: Elena and Jeremy are going to give new meaning to the phrase sibling rivalry. They will end up in all-out war, rivaling the Salvatore brothers and the Mikaelson family.

I’m getting really worried, you guys.

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