The Villains are the Best Part of ‘Once Upon a Time’

Once Upon A Time, Captain HookABC

What’s the point of being good when you can be bad? Sure we all rooted for the princes and princesses in the fairytales when we were children. They were clearly good; they were clearly the heroes! Once Upon A Time, however, has blurred the distinction between good and evil, complicating those once-simple stories. We’ll concede that Emma is pretty cool, but Prince Charming and Snow White can get a little redundant with their “Good will conquer all” shtick. That’s why we enjoy watching the villains more than the heroes on OUAT.

Regina, the Evil Queen, and Mr. Gold, Rumpelstiltskin/the Dark One, were the biggest baddies in the first season. They constantly struggled with being evil while also trying to good for the people that they loved—Regina with Henry and Mr. Gold with his son as well as Belle. Then there was Captain Hook, the roguish pirate who only cared for himself. Though he was handsome (seriously: handsome) his selfishness prevented him from forming lasting relationships, like with Emma, who was totally into him.

Now we have Peter Pan. He is by far the most evil villain on OUAT, which is made very, very clear by the fact that the powers of Regina, Mr. Gold, and Hook are all useless against Pan. Yikes. Pan is also fearsome because he’s going after Henry, something none of the other villains have done. Pan wants to corrupt Henry and make him a lost boy, while also messing with Henry’s family. Pan might be a teenager, but he’s still the most powerful villain the heroes have faced.

Although it’s easy to root for the heroes, we watch OUAT more for the villains than the heroes. What we can we say, they’re just cooler and more interesting.