‘The Walking Dead’ Reanimates For A Second Season

Walking DeadThe hills are alive with the sound of… millions and millions of reanimated corpses that want nothing more than to sink their rotting teeth into your flesh and turn you into a mutated zombie! And with that pleasant image engraved into your mind, we bring you the great news that AMC’s newest classic The Walking Dead, has been picked up for a second season after only airing two episodes.

Dead’s first episode shattered records for the cable channel, when an astonishing 5.3 million people tuned in for the pilot. It should be noted that it aired on Halloween, which makes it even more impressive that people were sober enough to tune in. Or they were just sitting on the couch, chilling in their slutty cat costume. Either way, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is enough people watched it (and kept watching it, 4.7 million tuned in for the second episode) that we’re going to get 13 more episodes next year.

Needless to say, I’m at a WOO level of excitement. The more people aware of the impending zombie apocalypse, the better. After all, our greatest weakness isn’t fear, it’s being unprepared. The signs are there people, we just need to wake up and see them! Zombies will rise! This show serves as a warning of what can happen. Be prepared.

Actually, being all excited about a zombie apocalypse is about as useful as preparing for Y2k. It’s physically impossible, based on my scientific research of sitting in this chair, that a virus could cause a person to become a zombie. But nevertheless, the show is great and you should watch it. Or else they’ll eat your brains! Ok, gotta control that. Sorry.

Source: Deadline