‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Cherokee Rose

Lori Walking Dead AMCS2E4: For those who’ve been complaining about a lack of zombie kills and grade A violence on The Walking Dead, episode four serves as another disappointment. But, if you’re a fan of the series for it’s quality gore and its penchant for top-notch drama, then the fourth installment of Season Two delivered exactly what we’re looking for. It wasn’t quite as emotional as last week; it employed a few more sensational factors, but it continued on along the same path we set out on for the past two episodes. And it delivered its fare share of guts.

“Sophia? Is she okay?” –Carl

Carl wakes up and the first thing he does is ask about his young friend, who still hasn’t been found. Rick immediately tells him she’s okay, thinking this is the best route. But as week see, the caravan of survivors show up at Hershel’s without Sophia. Now that Carl is safe, it’s time to search more thoroughly for the young girl. Rick asks the uncomfortable question of what if she has a bite when they find her – no one answers, but the truth is fairly clear. They don’t have much choice. Shane is injured, Rick has to stay with Carl, so Daryl is the only one that goes out to find her. Rick supposes Daryl is still searching because he feels guilty, but really it just seems that Daryl is committed to believing that Sophia is okay and doing the right thing by finding her. It appears Daryl is going at this completely selflessly – but as we heard last week, a large reason is the connection Sophia’s current situation has to his past.

While Daryl searches, Hershel tells Rick that he and his crew have to move out once they find Sophia. This comes after Hershel imposes the rule that they turn over their guns – something Andrea isn’t so keen to do. Rick finally acknowledges that he and his group have nowhere to go if they leave the farm and he asks Hershel to let them stay; Hershel says if they respect his rules he’ll consider it. So, it seems they manage to live another day in relative solace.

Daryl doesn’t find Sophia, but he finds a Cherokee Rose – a flower that comes with a story about Cherokee women losing children along the trail of tears. Legend has it that these flowers grew to cheer the grieving mothers — like Carol. He tells Carol he truly believes they’ll find Sophia and I for one am inclined to believe him. Daryl really seems to have turned over a new leaf this season.

“But you’re forgetting it now.” –Andrea

“Getting there.” –Shane

Shane’s still torn up about his cruel decision from last week. First, he’s inclined to hit Sophia’s trail harder than his injuries will really allow, then he starts waxing poetic to Andrea about how to deal with yourself in situations of extreme danger, all but admitting to her that he made the decision to shoot Otis so that he could survive long enough to save Carl. He goes off about turning off the switch and that if you know someone’s going to die that you ought to be the one making the decision. He completely stands by his decision, but it seems he’s yet to find a way to live with it.

Shane also finds trouble when he asks Lori if she really meant he should stay and she says yes. He feels even more conflicted, because he killed Otis to save Carl, but now he’s basically a murderer and he’s having trouble living with it. He’s stuck in this strange place between the right thing and the wrong thing and though his choice yielded something good, he can’t get to a place where he feels okay with it. Though many viewers seem to dismiss him as nothing more than a douche bag, I personally feel his struggle is a bit more complicated than that moniker really allows.

“I’ll have sex with you.” –Maggie

“Why?” –Glen

It’s something we heard about during New York Comic Con, so many of us knew this was coming: the romantic entanglement between Maggie and Glen. When the non-Rick and Lori crew finds a walker living in the water supply, they devise a plan to remove the zombie without spilling its contaminated guts into their water. They use Glen to pull him out and don’t succeed, eventually pulling the pulsating, wet bulbous thing out and accidentally ripping it in half. They end up ruining the water supply they were trying to save and they almost lose Glen in the process.

After they kill the water supply zombie, Glen and Maggie go to the pharmacy to pick up some meds – and a pregnancy test for Lori. Suddenly, Maggie wants to have sex with Glen in the pharmacy because they’re both lonely and they need something. It’s clear Glen gets a little more out of it than Maggie does, as he starts to follow her around like a little puppy. This whole plot seemed a bit contrived – as if the producers felt there wasn’t enough sex or side boob in the plot and decided this would do. It makes sense that there’s little room for romance in this landscape, but it seemed a bit rushed and out of place.

Finally, as Rick takes his clothes off and gets ready for bed, putting his Sheriff badge away semi-symbolically, Lori goes outside to use the pregnancy test she made Glen pickup at the grocery store. She uses it in the field and it turns out, she’s pregnant. This is devastating for two reasons: A, she has to bring a child into this screwed up world and B, it’s only been a few days in Walking Dead universe since she found Rick again. This means that the baby is likely Shane’s considering the timeline. We can bet she’ll hide this from Rick as long as possible and somehow make it seem like it’s his fault in the end.