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Walking Dead

Even for a world dominated by flesh-eating monsters with a penchant for bodily decay, some things are just super disgusting. The latest episode of The Walking Dead upped the ante a bit on the gross-out factor by introducing (spoilers… both of the episode and of your appetite) what our recapper Shaunna Murphy calls “this year’s Well-Walker” — a mortal jet pilot torn in half upon crash landing. Hard to watch… and yet, watch we do. Because we love it.

Television audiences just love it when shows go for broke in the gross-out department —no matter how disgusting, disturbing, and wholly manipulative of our human instincts to cringe at the sight of bodily harm a scene might be. And to satisfy these horrible desires, we’ve compiled a gallery of TV’s 17 Most Disgusting Moments. Check out the gallery, but make sure you crack a window for some air and have a trash can nearby.

TV’s 17 Most Disgusting Moments

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