‘The Walking Dead’ Shows Off Its Newest Sword-Swinging Lady — EXCLUSIVE PICS


We’ve got exactly one month between us and the season premiere of The Walking Dead, and already the excitement is building. Has Rick really gone off the deep end? What’s going to happen at the infamous prison? Why is everyone so excited about The Governor? And who is this Michonne character with her samurai swords and armless zombie minions? Well, we won’t get the answers to most of those questions without watching the first episode itself, but in the meantime, Hollywood.com has a few exclusive photos to help us gain some insight on the enigmatic new character. 

Clue 1: She can and will kick your ass. 
Clue 2: And she’s super serious about it. Do not mess with a woman who stares you down like that. 
The Walking Dead premieres Oct. 14 at 9 PM ET on AMC. 
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[Photo Credit: AMC (2)]