‘The Walking Dead’ Tragedy and 15 Other Moving TV Deaths

Please be aware that this post contains major spoilers from last night’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead always warned us that no one was safe, and on Sunday night, the scarily popular AMC series made good on that promise. Two (possibly three) beloved characters bit the dust, in brutal fashion. When the prison inmate Rick left for dead miraculously survived, he led the walkers right into Rick’s safe haven and set off the prison alarm system to attract more walkers to the hulking institution. Our gang did a pretty good job of securing themselves in the face of sheer death, but not everyone was so lucky. 
T-Dog and Carol get pinned down in a hallway, and T-Dog sacrifices himself to save Carol, forcing us to watch as two vicious walkers rip him limb from limb. Daryl later finds Carol’s scarf and assumes she perished with T-Dog, but that element remains unclear. And while watching T-Dog die was brutal and painful, that wasn’t even the worst the episode had to offer. Lori’s baby was on the way, and she was without her trained nurse. 
While she, Maggie, and Carl seek refuge in a boiler room, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) goes into labor and Maggie has no choice but to do the job Carol’s not around to do. Of course, the birth is difficult. Lori isn’t dilated and she’s bleeding, meaning Maggie has to give her a c-section, but without modern medicine it will surely kill her. Maggie rescues the baby, leaving an unconscious Lori on the floor. Either Carl or Maggie has to put Lori down, in order to assure she doesn’t turn into a walker, and young Carl insists on taking the gun himself. All we hear is the gunshot before Carl’s stoic face emerges and breezes past Maggie, but in that dearth of flamboyant emotion, we feel the true effects of the tragedy. It’s the final straw in Carl’s journey to adulthood at age 13. 
[Photo Credit: AMC]