The Women of ‘Person of Interest’ Are No Shrinking Violets

"Damsels In Distress Need Not Apply On 'Person of Interest'"CBS

When you watch a show, there’s a good chance you’ll see at least one woman who is there solely to be rescued by a man. Person of Interest takes that idea and stomps on it. This past week’s episode had not one, not two but three women, heck, even four if you count one of the villains, who could dismantle a man even before he knew what was happening.

First,we have Joss Carter, a police detective who was busted down to patrolwoman due to a inside crime ring within the police department having a grudge against her getting too close to solving what is going on. She’s a tough, no-nonsense woman who is a single mother to a child. Taraji P. Henson imbues her with a fierceness but also a soft side underneath that and is capable of being ‘girly’ if she has to be.

Then there is Zoe Morgan. She plays a ‘fixer’ of sorts. If someone or a company is in trouble, she comes in and does what she needs to do. Originally she was one of the people that the Machine designated as someone Reese and Finch needed to save, but she proved more than capable of handling herself and has come in on several of their other cases. She and Reese seem to have a no-strings attached sexual relationship. There’s definitely chemistry between the actress, Paige Turco, and Jim Caviezel, who plays Reese. It’s not like she sits around and waits for him to call, though.

Rounding off the ‘good guys’ is Samantha Shaw, who is the least feminine out of them (despite being played by the charming Sarah Shahi). She’s a former paramilitary officer who tracked down terrorists before she was recruited by Finch and Reese. She’s the wild card out of the bunch – an admitted sociopath who can kill people without compunction. In one of the more recent episodes, she had to be coached by Carter and Morgan about expressing her femininity. I believe the phrase, “Smile!” was used more than once.

In the bad guy camp, Amy Acker has been playing an enigmatic hacker who goes by the name Root. She’s been a particular thorn in Finch’s side since the end of the first season and it looks like she just escaped her confinement again. She always has things under control and even wound up shooting a veteran assassin at the end a recent episode. There was a tinge of regret in her voice when she found out she had to spare the assassin. It’s going to be interesting to see Shaw find Root again since the two had a very unique first introduction where Root tortured Shaw (who actually seemed to be enjoying it).

So.. remember the saying, “You wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley”? Well, we can say the same for these women.