The Worst TV Tragedy of 2012 — POLL


There were many happy moments on the small screen throughout 2012 — births, marriages, much-needed goodbyes from stale CW dramas. We laughed as the Community gang played with kittens, rejoiced when Big Bird was saved from certain homelessness, and smiled whenever Daryl Dixon did anything on The Walking Dead. Baby asskicker, indeed.

But of course, the TV giveth and the TV taketh away. We lost several quality characters this year — some passings were rejoiced (Lori, Gossip Girl), while others were greatly mourned (err… spoiler?). But we’ll leave it up to you, viewers: What was the biggest TV tragedy of 2012? Vote in the poll, if you don’t mind SPOILERS, and defend your choice in the comments!

<a href=””>What was the biggest TV tragedy of 2012?</a>

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