‘The X Factor’ Recap: Best Moments At The Judges’ Homes


the x factorS1E7: Tonight on The X Factor, the 32 remaining contestants continued down their road to celebrity stardom as they took up residence in the judges’ homes. Last week each of the four judges were assigned which category they would be mentoring, so now the judges are pitted against one another, making this not just a show between the contestants, but between the judges as well. May the best group win and these groups certainly have some fierce competition ahead of them. Thousands applied and now only 32 acts remain to fight for a place in the live shows. Only 16 acts can remain by the end of this week, so the judges each invited a special guest (including Rihanna) to help them decide who was staying and who was leaving for good.

Every week I grow more and more impressed with the incredible talent that these contestants possess. Although, are we supposed to just pretend to be surprised that the people who have made it so far are the same ones that have dominated the show’s airtime since the series began? Seriously, I feel like no one has been cut because I’m still seeing the same contestants I’ve seen every other episode. Either way, there’s no denying that each and every one of them can sing, but who’s really standing out and getting themselves that much closer to the $5 million dollar prize? Check out the best performances of the night below:

Simone Battle

In case you forgot, she actually messed up big time during her performance at boot camp when she completely forgot all the words to her song, but the judges decided to give her another chance and she did not disappoint. Simone sang Help! by The Beatles and she completely blew me away. Not only did she look amazing, but she sounded amazing and it seriously think it was her best performance so far. She put a lot of emotion into her performance, which is a really important quality because you need more than just a great voice to make it in this business — you also need heart and she’s got it.


Not many of the group acts have been spotlighted quite as often as these guys and it’s for good reason. Their voices just always seem to blend together really well no matter what type of song they’re singing. During their song F***in Perfect by Pink, they did such a great job of changing it and making the song their own. It felt like a completely different song to me and it actually sounded good (I might even prefer their version). This shows just how talented they are and I really think they have what it takes to make the next cut.

Skyelor Anderson

If you recall, Skyelor’s track stopped halfway through his original audition, but he just kept on going and the judges really admired him for it. I personally don’t think he ever needed the music in the first place because his country voice is strong enough on its own. He commented that he knows most people think that he’d be an R&B singer because he’s African American, but he can really relate to country music and it’s what he loves to sing. That’s totally fine with me because I love hearing him sing country music, which says something since I’m not a big country fan. His song of the night was Nobody Knows It But Me by Babyface. His voice has so much depth and he’s such a natural born sweetheart. I can easily see America falling in love with him.

Tora Woloshin

She has always been one of my favorites throughout all of the auditions. She’s got such a unique look and rockstar quality about her. I could easily picture her voice being on the radio. Tonight she performed (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones and absolutely nailed it. Her dominating stage presence and raw, powerful voice gives her quite the deadly combination. She has the potential to be the next Lady Gaga if given enough time. Simon didn’t seem all that thrilled with her performance, but I thought she rocked it. I’m telling you, she’s the one to watch..

Worst Performance Award Goes To: Dexter Haygood

He sang Beyonce’s Crazy In Love, which almost drove me crazy. It was just a lot of screeching and yelling — that does not qualify as singing. I’m sorry, but I think he’s definitely going to be one of the ones to go. He just has no self identity and tries to imitate other artists like Mick Jagger. Plus he cried after his performance, which did not help his case. I mean, he completely broke down right in front of our host Steve Jones, who ended up giving him a comforting hug and said things like “it’s not over yet.” I’ve got a feeling he may be wrong about that one.

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