‘The X Factor’ Recap: Best of Chicago and Seattle


the x factorS1E4: And away we go to Chicago and Seattle (again) for more X Factor auditions. This is usually the best part of any reality show because you get to observe both the best and the worst contestants. And even though this show is opting to show us fewer audition segments than Idol, the ones that we have seen have been unforgettable. There’s been excessive crying, pants dropping, and mouthing off. So talented contestants or not, it’s been highly entertaining and the fun only continues to grow. Granted, I’d rather see more auditions than waste air-time watching Simon wink and give sentimental looks at the contestants as cheesy music plays in the background, but I’m willing to overlook that as long as the ones we do see are either the best of the best or the worst of the worst. And of course, if anyone talks back to Simon again that has to be shown. That’s a given.

This week kicks off the final two audition days and everyone is hoping to win over the judges heart (and their vote). Egos are boosted and at times — while others are deflated, but it’s certainly a night to remember. Cheryl Cole makes another appearance in Chicago, but is replaced by Nicole Scherzinger when they get to Seattle (how long will they continue to play musical chairs between these two?). And can someone please tell me what the host, Steve Jones, actually does? He never even goes onstage! He just briefly interacts with the contestants backstage before they perform, but other than that I’m not sure why they need him. Perhaps they just want America to fall in love with his dashing accent. It’s kinda working (he is easy on the eyes). So we’re off to view another round of hopefuls and things were just as they should be: stars are born and Simon and Paula continue to playfully banter. So it’s time for these contestants to face the music! Let’s see what memorable moments the show had in store for us this week…

A singing duo wins the judges hearts and perhaps even each others.

So far we haven’t seen that many singing groups or duets grace the stage, but tonight we kicked off with two best friends: Brock and Makenna. They’ve been singing with each other for over 4 years and are very close. In fact, Brock even admitted that he’s in love with Makenna but she doesn’t know it yet (although she may know now, he’s not very subtle). And when the judges asked if they were dating and she said no, his face looked so sad. While I find this romance a little cheesy, I couldn’t help but to also find it rather adorable. Could this show serve as a singing competition and a love connection? We’re going to get to find out because their strong vocals and outstanding chemistry earned them yeses from all four judges.

An elderly woman goes on stage and auditions to be a judge, not a contestant.

So far all of the contestants have marched onto that stage ready to sing. Well one woman was ready to judge. That’s right, an elderly woman walked onto the stage and firmly stated that she was there to audition to be one of the judges. She said that she had heard Simon was looking to fill a spot for one of the judge’s seats and she wanted the job. Simon even decided to humor her and asked for her to critique on Britney Spears, but it was an inevitable no, which she took graciously. Gotta give her credit for her bold effort. It’s also amusing since Nicole Scherzinger ended up replacing Cheryl Cole on the show. I guess Simon didn’t keep that woman’s resume on file.

Contestants show that they have Paula Fever.

There were many contestants throughout the night that showed traces of the kooky, yet lovable Paula Abdul. One contestant took the audience on what truly felt like a drug induced coma with his techno dancing and whisper-like vocals. When he was done Paula even said that he took them to a place that she thinks she’s been before, which sent Simon into a fit of giggles. Laugh if you want Simon, but several of the contestants named Paula as their muse and inspiration. Granted, those contestants were all sort of weirdos and a little off their rockers, but so what? Isn’t that why we love Paula? Simon was baffled and completely at a lose for words. There’s a first.

This is why we don’t judge a book by its cover.

This contestant walked on stage with greasy hair, baggy clothes, and just all around didn’t look like he would have X Factor material. The camera even looked him up and down to make sure the viewers captured his his less than classy appearance. I think everyone thought for sure he was going to get booed offstage. Boy were we wrong. Josh came to Chicago with his mother and “slings burritos” for a living. But after he sang At Last by Etta James, all our previous impressions went out the window because he did a phenomenal job. L.A. Reid said Josh isn’t fooling him with his whole “before” look because his “after” is going to be out of this world. I feel like we’re going to see a huge transformation from this guy. His mom’s a little over bearing, but if we have to put up with her to get him, then I’m cool with it. And then at the end, he asked backstage if there was a bar around anywhere…I like him even more!

Contestant outshines Justin Bieber.

Drew is a 14 year old girl who is obsessed with Justin Bieber (no news there). In fact, a huge junk of her back story was dedicated to her love of him. So it was no surprise when she announced to the judges that she would be singing his hit song Baby. Reid actually signed Justin, so he warned her he was going to be very critical of her performance, but it turned out that no criticism was necessary. She changed up the song and made it her own and it sounded amazing. Nicole even admitted to liking her version better than Justin’s. Reid was completely blown away and Simon said that she is exactly who they are looking for. She got yeses all around. So I guess having Bieber Fever really can pay off!