‘The X Factor’ Recap: Five More Contestants Are Eliminated

the x factorS1E10: The X Factor delivered a night of both singing and sorrow. Now that the 17 semifinalists have survived their time at the judges’ respective homes, the mentors were left to decide who would become part of the top 12 contestants. That’s right, the season’s first live episode started off with a bang as five more contestants were eliminated from the competition (and it only took a short two and a half hours to decide this). So once again the decision of who stays and who goes remained entirely in the judges’ hands, which seemed a little unfair to me. It’s live now — when does America get a say? It’s not a true reality show until I vote an obscene number of times to save my favorite contestants. Give up the power, judges. It’s our turn!

On a side note, it was nice to see the host Steve Jones actually doing his job. Up until this point he was just a figure off on the sidelines, so it was nice to see him front and center. He’s like a hot, British Ryan Seacrest, although I’m not sure Paula feels the same way (I think we’ve found the new Simon-Seacrest relationship). In fact, all of the relationships between the judges themselves seemed pretty tense. Since the contestants are being mentored by their respective judges, if the other judges didn’t like something about the performance they blamed the mentor, not the contestant, which I thought was an interesting twist. Every judge basically thinks that they could have guided the prospective stars better than their contemporaries. I wonder what this ego-stomping will do to their dynamic on this show.

So now that it’s been whittled down to a dozen acts, this means the remaining acts are composed of three boys, three girls, three over-30s, and three groups. You know, unless Simon decides to pull another fast one and claim an extra performer for his group (although it is his show, so I guess the guy can do what he wants). So was Melanie Amaro able to survive this round drama-free? Did Dexter Haygood finally sing his last song? Did your favorites make it to the next round?

The five eliminated contestants:

Boys: Phillip Lomax

Groups: The Brewer Boys

Over 30s: Dexter Haygood

Girls: Simone Battle and Tiah Tolliver

The Top 12:


Melanie Amaro

Drew Ryniewicz

Rachel Crow

Over 30’s:

Josh Krajcik

Leroy Bell

Stacy Francis


Lakoda Rayne


The Stereo Hogzz


Brian Bradley

Chris Rene

Marcus Candy

Overall, I was very pleased with who the judges’ decided to eliminate, which is surprising since their decisions seemed so rushed. I’m sorry, but Dexter Haygood deserved to be let go. There’s only so much screaming and lunacy I can take during a performance. Simon definitely had the hardest decision of the night since his group contained five extremely talented girls, but he kept the three that had the biggest chance of becoming music super stars, so I was satisfied with his reasoning. I’m surprised to say this, but — well done judges!

The X Factor is back to its normal slot time next week on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Fox!