‘The X Factor’ Recap: The Final 32 Contestants


the x factorS1E6: Last night on The X Factor, the 100 remaining contestants were split into groups and given the challenge of learning a song which they had to perform in front of the judges together in five hours time. Some cracked under the pressure, while others rose above the expectations and proved that they were star material. So tonight we picked up right where we left off by watching the remaining groups strut their stuff with the help of vocal coaches, stylists, and choreographers. And after all the ensembles tried to sing their way to safety, the judges had to make some tough decisions – more cuts had to be made.

Once they dwindled the acts down even further, the remaining 64 contestants were presented with one more final challenge: they were given a list of 35 songs and had to choose whichever one they wanted to perform in front of 3,000 people. Oh, and they only had 15 hours to prepare. By the end of the night only 32 acts remained and the judges were finally assigned which category they would mentor for the rest of the competition: boys, girls, over 30’s, and groups. So who were the 32 contestants chosen and which judge got assigned what group?

Find out below!

The Girls: Caitlin Koch, Tora Woloshin, Simone Battle, Drew Ryniewicz, Rachel Crow, Jazzlyn Little, Melanie Amaro and Tiah Tolliver.

The Boys: Brennin Hunt, Brian Bradley, Skyelor Anderson, Nick Voss, Tim CIfers, Phillip Lomax, Marcus Canty and Chris Rene.

Over 30s: Elaine Gibbs, Tiger Budbill, Leroy Bell, James Kenney, Josh Krajcik, Christa Collins, Dexter Goodman, and Stacey Francis.

Groups: the Stereo Hogzz, 2squared, 4Shore, The Brewer Boys, Illusion Confusion, The Anser and two groups composed out of those who were initially rejected as soloists.

As for the judges:

Nicole will be mentoring the Over 30s group, L.A. was assigned the boys, Paula is working with the groups, and that leaves Simon with the girls.

So what do you think? Do you think the girls have an edge with Simon as their mentor or is it an even playing field? Which judge would you have wanted? Next week we’ll journey into the judges homes where they will help their groups get ready for the live shows!