‘The X Factor’ Results: Who Went Home Last Night?

the x factorS1E15: After watching Wednesday night’s performances on The X Factor, I’ve come to the conclusion that the judges don’t have a good grasp of what “Rock Night” was supposed to entail. Seriously, aren’t these guys supposed to be the big guns in the music biz? Then what was with the poor song choices that quickly turned “Rock Week” into “Rock Weak?” I remember on Idol when Simon would always criticize the contestants for picking bad song choices and I think it’s started to rub off on him. I now understand why Steve Jones felt the need to remind us a million times that “It’s Rock Night” – because we wouldn’t have known it otherwise. I’m amazed how well the contestants are doing considering all the unhelpful feedback they seem to get from the judges, who prefer to focus more on criticizing each other than offering any pertinent advice to the actual performers.

On a side note – why are there even theme nights anyway? I thought the whole point of the show was to find an act that could come into their own during the competition and become a unique, never-before-seen artist. The show is supposed to be about standing out and being different, not harboring your talent to fit a certain genre. Just some food for thought.

But tonight everyone laid their bickering to rest (for the time being) in order to find out who would be next up in the elimination round. Jones narrowed down the contestants (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) to reveal that Astro and Stacy Francis received the least amount of votes and would need to sing for their survival. That’s right, Paula’s one lone group, Lakoda Rayne, was not in the bottom two, making it the first time we didn’t have to worry about Paula having a mental breakdown on stage. This now meant that two solo acts had to worry about being sent home and it was a pretty bumpy ride. So after the acts performed their “save me” songs, the judges decided that Stacy Francis would be the one to leave the competition for good. Naturally, she took the news hard since she’s made it more than clear just how much she wants to be a star, but the judges’ decision was final. I was really disappointed in Astro’s attitude since he almost didn’t perform at all because he didn’t want to be there if America didn’t want him. Both L.A. and Simon called him out on it, but they still felt he had the best chance of winning, so they begrudgingly put him through. He may have just earned a place in the bottom two yet again next week.

Watch the final 9 contestants perform next Tuesday, 8 p.m. (EST) on Fox!