‘The X-Factor’ Will Eliminate 5 Contestants Tomorrow To Get Your Attention

Simon Cowell X FactorThe X-Factor is like that girl in high school who “accidentally” wore see-through shirts to the first few days of school or the guy who wore safety pins in ears long after the punk movement made it cool: essentially, they’re all dying for your attention.

Now, the Simon Cowell series is taking its own safety-pin-earring step: instead of cutting one (or maybe two!) contestants tomorrow night, the show will cut a whopping five contestants. That means the series will continue with only 12 contestants and while some viewers are expressing shock and awe over this decision, it really seems like one that was a long time coming. While The X-Factor isn’t American Idol — and it works fervently to solidify that notion — they are both reality contests and the fact is that with more than 12 (and really, more than 10) it’s hard to form solid opinions of any one contestant. The X-Factor needs this cut, as much as it may shock those of you tuning in every week.

Next week the Wednesday/Thursday formula returns with live performances from the Top 12 on Nov. 2 and eliminations on Nov. 3.

Source: THR