There May Be A ‘Boondock Saints’ TV Show Soon

boondock saintsYou know those kinds of people who tend to live in the past? I mean those folks who peaked in high school, never left their hometown, and talk endlessly about recapturing the spirit of the good ole days? I think Troy Duffy is like that in Hollywood. All he’s ever done pretty much involves the Boondock Saints, so of course he’s talking about turning it into a television show. He’s already got a sequel, a comic book, and way more credit than he deserves. Why wouldn’t it become a TV show? He’s got the actors lined up and agreeing to do it and apparently the right networks are meeting with him, so why not?

Well I can answer that: because it would make for terrible television. Just straight up violence, gun fights, and quasi-religious dialogue? Actually, that might not be too terrible.

Source: /Film