15 Things Only ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Fans Understand

The saying is that lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice. However, the same can’t be said for Shonda Rhimes’ epic female driven television dramas. Last year Rhimes blessed #TGIT lovers with her latest creation, How To Get Away With Murder. Not only is the show just a ton of crazy mysterious fun, it is also helmed by the extraordinary Viola Davis who just won an Emmy for her portrayal of the brash and ballsy, Annalise Keating. Every How To Get Away With Murder fan knows that the show keeps us on the edge of our seats, as we try to wrap our brains around all of the twisty, turny things that are happening.

1. It’s always best to use a bonfire to cover up a murder.


As long as you make sure to take photographs and upload them to your social media to give yourself an  alibi.

2. #DatMurda


Because seriously, How To Get Away With Murder takes up way too many Twitter characters when live-tweeting.

3. Peen pics are always in poor taste.


Especially when they end up on a dead girl’s phone.

4. Frank is basically Annalise’s Huck.


Since Olivia is obviously keeping Huck for herself on Scandal, Frank is the next best thing.

5. Leather is always a good choice.


People know right off the bat you aren’t to be trifled with when you have on leather.

6. Asher is the worst.


This is why he knows nothing, and probably never will. Either this will help save his life, or it will lead to his imminent demise.

7. Wes & Annalise are basically Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson


Seriously, there is something sexual going on there in a very The Graduate type of way. At least Wes hasn’t taken to calling Annalise “Mama” yet.

8. You should always be afraid.


 After all, saying the wrong thing is ALWAYS unacceptable.

9. Trust no one.


Not even yourself.

10. Mama is ALWAYS right.


“Somebody’s always the student, somebody’s always the teacher. That’s how sex works best.”

11. If you’re gonna slap someone, you better make it good.


There is nothing more humiliating than a failed slap.

12. Sometimes you have to betray others to win.


“You call it crazy, I call it winning.”- Annalise Keating

13. Some days it just gets to be too much.


And you feel physically and emotionally crippled.

14. But you must ALWAYS put you game face back on and kill it.


Just because you are falling apart on the inside, does not mean that everyone else needs to know that.

15. Because you never know what might happen next.


In reality How To Get Away with Murder fans know nothing.


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