5 Things We Know About Season 2 Of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Finally, The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is coming back for a second season. We left off with Rebecca in the arms of Josh coming clean with the reason she really moved to West Covina. Unfortunately, Josh didn’t look too thrilled about this revelation. But what can we expect coming up in the new episodes? Here are five things we know about season 2.

1. We have a new theme song!

The first season’s theme song was pretty great, and made it easy for new viewers to jump right into the show. But a new season means a new theme song! This one is called “I’m Just a Girl in Love” which probably shows that Rebecca will be in denial about her actions once again this season.

2. It’s going to get naughty this season.

Photo: Tumblr/The CW

“Rebecca is still not a virgin and it’s an interesting sexual season,” Rachel Bloom told E! News. It’ll definitely be interesting to see who she gets it on with.

3. We are getting a Beyoncé spoof.

Photo: Tumblr/Parkwood Entertainment

Of course the musical show had to get in on the Lemonade action. The spoof is called Love Kernels and is a slow jam about desperation.

4. Paula might not be Team Josh anymore.

Photo: Tumblr/The CW

When Rebecca wanted to give up, Paula was right there to assure her that Josh was the one. However a scene from season two was released early and it shows that Paula might be having doubts about Josh and Rebecca this season.

5. Brittany Snow will be joining the cast 

The Pitch Perfect actress is playing Anna,  “a hip and cool L.A. chick and beauty entrepreneur who sweeps into town and shakes everything up for Rebecca,” according to TVLine. She will be in three episodes.