10 Things You Never Knew About ‘Boy Meets World’

Boy Meets World gave us a great love story between a young boy and a girl, but the series was so much more that that. It was also the story of two boys who were the best of friends, and a teacher who touched all of their lives. You might have watched iconic ’90s show for years, but here are 10 facts you never knew about the show

1. Topanga was originally just going to be a minor character, but she became a main cast member because fans adored her.

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2. Early on there was a student chair called “the death chair”.

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During the first season, the show was on the hunt for Cory’s second best friend. A lot of kids sat next to him, but none of them worked out. That’s why the chair got this terrible nickname.

3. Rider Strong was the first person to audition for the role of Shawn.

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He nailed it obviously!

4. William Daniels played John Adams in the film 1776, which happens to be the name of the high school on the show.

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5. The classrooms and the Matthews’ house was also used on Smart Guy.

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6. Multiple siblings disappear after being mentioned on the show

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Boy Meets World isn’t known for being consistent. Topanga had a sister named Nebula who we actually meet during an episode, but then we never see her again. Shawn also had a brother named Eddie and a sister named Stacy who were never mentioned again.

7. Eric and Shawn were kept separate for a reason.

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In an interview with Good Morning America, Will Friedle talked about why he didn’t work with Strong very often. He said, “They never let Rider and I do scenes together because we would look at each other and start laughing, so I think over seven years, we had, like, five scenes together.”

8. Ben Savage went to Danielle Fishel‘s wedding.

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The two have remained in touch, and he was there on her big day! “I was there,” Savage told Parade. “I watched my wife walk down the aisle with another man, which was not easy. But the wedding was beautiful and Danielle was a perfect bride.”

9. Mr. Feeny’s wife onscreen was also his real wife.

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That’s right! Bonnie Bartlett played Dean Bolander, and the two have been married since 1951.

10.Disney has banned three episodes of the show from airing on its channel.

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The channel obviously adores that show which was originally on ABC, but it doesn’t agree with everything it has done. It banned “Prom-ises Prom-ises,” “If You Can’t Be With The One You Love…,” and “The Truth About Honesty,” because they involve premarital sex and underage drinking.