This ‘American Horror Story’ Fan Theory Points To A World War II Theme In Season 7


Now that American Horror Story: Roanoke is well underway, fans are either enthralled with the creepy drama or have tuned out and are waiting for the next season to be better. Though season six hasn’t wrapped, we’re already speculating about what next season could bring.

According to one fan theory, season seven will take place during World War II — and there’s some major evidence to back this claim. We pretty much called Roanoke before it was announced, so hear us out on this one. It makes a lot of sense.

Next season should be set in the past.

American Horror Story has alternated time periods every other season. The first season was set in the present, the second was set in the past, the third was set in the present and the forth was set in the past. If AHS follows the same pattern, season seven will be set in the past since Roanoke is set in the present.

Ryan Murphy said season seven will include Freakshow characters.

In order for season seven to include characters from AHS: Freakshow, it has to be set when the characters would still be alive. Since Freakshow took place in 1952, it makes sense for season seven to either take place in the ’60s, ’50s or ’40s. We already know there’s a major backstory to Freakshow hiding in Asylum, so a prequel set in the 1940s would make the most sense. Plus the Asylum character, Lana Winters, reappeared in Roanoke. More foreshadowing!

There are hints in the aerial shots.

AHS has long hidden hints of the next season in their aerial shots. We saw this in both Asylum and Coven. There was a very distinct aerial shot in episode of nine of Roanoke when Sophie and Milo are skewered. Some people think this alludes to the Japanese rising sun or that it looks similar to an atomic bomb explosion. This could hint at Hiroshima and Nagasaki being a setting for season seven.

Compare this aerial shot:

roanoke sun

To this image of the Japanese rising sun:

Deviant Art

We can see it. Can you?

The typo in the Roanoke title card is really suspicious.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a typo in the title card of Roanoke all season. The first “o” has appeared as a zero. This could be a reference to “ground zero.” Before the term ever referred to the site of the World Trade Center attacks, it was used to refer to the bombing sites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the 1940s.

Everything is in doubles.

To play on the theme of twos (as in World War II), almost everything in this season has happened twice. Two people, Cricket and Dylan, get disemboweled. Shelby’s ankle gets crushed twice. Shelby gets chopped in the shoulder by Agnes, then Audrey gets chopped in the shoulder by Lee. Mason gets roasted, then Milo and Sophie get roasted. Let’s not forget there’s the two nurses who were serial killers, and the haunted country house was Matt and Shelby’s second home.

Could this fan theory be true? Some of it is a stretch, but some of it totally makes sense. What do you think?

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