This Season of ‘AHS Coven’ Needs More Evan Peters

Evan Peters, American Horror Story

Evan Peters has been a staple of American Horror Story throughout the show’s three seasons. First he was Tate Langdon, the adorable psychopath mass-murderer, and then he was good-guy Kit Walker, who had some weird relationship with aliens or whatever. Now he’s playing Kyle Spencer, a college frat boy who died and was brought back to life. 

But since American Horror Story: Coven is all about the witchy power, Peters hasn’t been getting as much screen time — in the most recent episode, his naked booty was on screen more than his face (that might be an exaggeration), not that we’re complaining. However, we’d like to know: what’s with the lack of Peters in AHS Coven?

He’s certainly proved himself to be a fantastic actor, and willing to do whatever is asked of him. He even squeezed himself into that gimp suit in the first season. So why has he had such a small part in Coven? So far, he was incredibly charming in the first episode, and then a mumbling mess of a pseudo-zombie guy ever since. 

Maybe the writers are putting Kyle on the back burner in the first part of this season so that he can become more integral to the story later on (at least, we hope so.) All he’s done so far is become an after school special warning the witches why you don’t bring people back from the dead. Thanks for the butt-shots, but we want to see Peters play a bigger role this season.