‘Thor’ God Joins ‘Dexter’ and the Dark Side?

Ray StevensonThor star and actor Ray Stevenson has signed up for a “major recurring role” on Dexter‘s upcoming seventh season.

Stevenson, who previously starred on HBO’s similarly TV-MA-rated series Rome, will reportedly play a high-ranking member of an Eastern European crime syndicate who arrives on Dexter’s turf — as in Miami — following the death of one of his associates. No word just yet on whether or not that means he’ll serve as Michael C. Hall‘s archenemy on Season 7 (which premieres Sept. 30 on Showtime), but it’s another reason to tune in.

The 47-year-old Stevenson was most recently seen as one of The Three Musketeers and will appear in this summer’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation. He’s also set to reprise his role as Volstagg in summer 2013’s Thor 2.


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