Three More Guest Stars Added For ‘The Office’

Catherine TateOkay, people. Listen up. If you believe that any of these special guest stars The Office is lining up for its season finale on May 19 are going to replace Michael Scott, please go back to enjoying The Bachelor. These are simply guest stars that will interview for the position, say a few funny things, then move along after the rest of the office complains about not hiring internally. Basically, it reminds me of that one episode that promised Jack Black and Jessica Alba cameos and it turned out they were in a movie within the show. Of course, having said all of this, if Michael’s replacement does turn out to be one of these people then I am fully prepared to eat my own foot. I prefer it medium-rare, thank you very much.

Anyway, Ray Romano, James Spader, and Catherine Tate have signed on for guest appearances in the final episode of the season. Considering Romano already has another TV project lined up for next year (like Will Arnett, who’s another guest star for the season finale), he’s more than likely not the replacement. This leaves Spader and Tate as real contenders, though they won’t get it.

Romano is of course the former star of Everybody Loves Raymond. James Spader was the star of Boston Legal among other things. He’s got a sharp wit about him that I would love to see on The Office every week but I don’t see it happening. Catherine Tate is a British comedian who had her own successful show before costarring on Doctor Who. So maybe this will be a Doctor Who and The Office crossover? I think I need to sit down. And a fresh pair of pants.

Source: Hollywood Reporter