Cyrus Beene Is Totally Your Favorite ‘Scandal’ Character


The characters on ABC’s Scandal are so compelling, it’s difficult to pick a favorite. Are you Team Fitz or Team Jake? All of the Gladiators are awesome (but Huck is probably your favorite). And then there’s Olivia Pope — she’s in a class by herself, but even the great Kerry Washington has been upstaged on occassion. Mellie Grant (played by Bellamy Young) is fantastic, and this season Papa Pope (Joe Morton) has stolen the show in a few episodes. But Cyrus Beene? Now he is truly incomparable. And if you’re a dedicated Scandal fan, there’s a chance that he’s your favorite character on the show. If not, allow us to persuade you.

He Has The Best Monologues Ever

There was that time when he went off on President Fitz about how his life would end up if he resigned from office. That time when he went off on Olivia and compared the electoral process to the magic fairytale that is Christmas. That time he went off about what an amazing President he would have been. I mean, we could go on. Cyrus goes off a lot, and every time it is pure gold. 

He Is The Worst Husband Ever … But Still Kinda Sweet

When Cyrus refers to himself as an “animal” (not just a political animal, but an animal proper), he means that he’s the type of guy to order a hit out on his own husband when that husband threatens to expose him to the world for tampering with a presidential election. True story. But he’s also the kind of guy to call that hit off at the last minute because, deep down, he really loves his hubby. 

He Is Employee Of The Month, Every Month

You don’t know work ethic until you see Cyrus Beene making phone calls from an ambulance, minutes after suffering from a heart attack. When he found out that Reston and Billy Chambers had been working together and plotting against his beloved President Fitz his heart lit’rally gave out. And he still couldn’t stop working because he is the definition of Employee of the Month, every month. Beyoncé herself looks like the second-hardest working person in the world next to this guy. And for that, we love him.