Tiger Woods and Jesse James Mistresses To Host ‘Celebrity Cheaters’

Jesse JamesWhen you’re casting the host for a show about models, you choose an ex model to stand at the helm. When you’re casting a show about fitness, you enlist the help of a fitness expert. So it’s no wonder that when Bobby Goldstein, the creator of the ridiculously unclassy gotcha show Cheaters, would do the same when he expands his cheatin’ empire with a show about celebrity cheaters called…Celebrity Cheaters. (He’s really working that brain of his for new ideas, isn’t he?) Goldstein has both Jesse James’ alleged mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, and one of Tiger Woods’ harem of mistresses, Jamie Jungers, signed on for the new project.

Talk about sleeping your way to the middle. Are these ladies trying to make being a celebrity mistress look like a lucrative business plan? Help a famous guy cheat, be ridiculous enough to get uber-famous for it, and then you’ll land a television show. Yuck.

I guess the one thing I can get on-board with (and I use that term very loosely) is that if anyone is qualified to comment on or talk about celebs cheating on their spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends, it’s them. And what’s more is that the show would follow the same format of Cheaters; it aims to try and catch celebrity cheaters in the act. With that in mind, I guess I can’t think of anyone better to host the show. I mean, McGee and Jungers would know how to catch these unfaithful starlets and celebs and at least they’re not going to be the next desperate-for-more-fame “celebs” on Skating with the Stars.

Source: TMZ