Tim Gunn Rants About Snooki’s Fashion Sense on ‘Lopez Tonight’

Last night, Tim Gunn chatted with George Lopez (who both appear in The Smurfs) on Lopez Tonight about many things, but the one that’s got most of listening in is a little catty. Lopez opened up Pandora’s Box (no, not the online streaming music service, but the mythical greek jar containing the evils of the world) when he asked the fashion guru if The Real Housewives crowd dressed better than the Jersey Shore crowd. Clearly, Gunn’s level of taste in fashion doesn’t translate to interviews because he got downright mean. We’re talking insults about Snooki’s weight, comparing her to a monkey at the zoo and pronouncing Nicole Polizzi’s nickname as if it rhymes with “dookie.” Of course, he continues on to evaluate political candidates based on their fashion sense; and this is why our country will forever be in debt.

Start watching at the 3:10 mark, then sound off in the comments.

Source: THR

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