Time to Get ‘Suits’ Out of Winter Storage Soon

Gabriel Macht, SuitsUSA

It’s the bitterest of winters and spring seems near and yet so far. Fear not, though, there’s news that will brighten your day. Suits is coming back to TV in March. The sassy, snarky people of the constantly re-named law firm that employs Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) will be heating up your living room. Of course, the madness will all be overseen by Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), a good, strong woman boss who more than holds her own against the supposed boys club that is Law.

With all due respect to Almost Human‘s  Kennex and Dorian, Specter and Ross have the best bromance on TV. Macht and Adams have great banter between each other despite events that strained their professional and personal friendships in the past. This must continue this season – it’s part of the glue that really holds the show together. Of course, they can get mad at each other every now and then — the show needs drama, after all. But if it drags on too long, then the show loses some of its luster.

The character whose personal change works best is Litt. At the show’s beginning, he was supposed to be the firm’s resident jerk and foil for Specter and Ross. As the seasons have passed, he has slowly fleshed out into a really loyal person with his own code of honor. The events in last season’s finale  had him learning of Ross’ duplicity regarding the fact that he had never attended Harvard Law School — or any law school for any matter. This is a fact that Pearson and Specter both know, but have kept under wraps. If the old, first season Litt re-emerges, all hell could break loose. I’d actually be very sad if that happened, since Hoffman has been turning in a consistently nuanced performance straddling the line of a comedic device and real person.

The fourth season is kind of a tricky one. By all accounts, it should really be hitting its stride and firing on all cylinders, since the cast is largely comfortable with each other. Then again, it has to also push some envelopes, so as not to become stale. The problem is, if they push in the wrong direction, then things can fall apart very, very quickly and it’s hard to get viewers back after missteps. But if the cast keeps its cohesiveness, then that would go a long, long way.

That said, get ready for March 6. Spring and sunshine won’t be too far behind. Time to get the suits out of storage.