Tina Fey on SNL: The Skits You Missed

When Tina Fey stops by Studio 8H, they’ve almost always got a few good things set up for her and this weekend’s episode of SNL was no different. Even though she’s super pregnant, Fey dove head first into her beloved Sarah Palin impression, a stint as the Little Mermaid and a member of a really uncomfortable Birthing class. Oh and she did a duet with her unborn child to celebrate Mother’s Day, so that was strange. No episode of SNL is really amazing overall, but they certainly pulled out a few of the big guns for the return of one of their own. So without further ado, here are our favorite moments from the weekend’s SNL.

First up, because we have to, here it is: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. (Also making a rare appearance: Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump.)

Then she got into a tomato red wig and some sparkly green fins as the Little Mermaid, but the twist is the skit isn’t actually about her, but rather a very recent, highly publicized burial at sea. (Come on, just think about it for a second. Or watch the video and it will tell you, cheater.) It was a simple twist and a simple skit, but I think it worked.

From what worked to something confusing on a grand scale. This week’s digital short was another Lonely Island song featuring Michael Bolton. Apparently he’s a cinephile and it gets out of hand and he ends up dressed like Jack Sparrow. We’re not really sure what’s happening here, but we’re pretty sure you should just see it for yourself.

And finally, I know we only normally pick out the top three, but guys, STEFON IS BACK! My favorite Bill Hader character made another appearance on Weekend Update just in time for Mother’s Day and as usual it was hilarious.

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