Tina Fey Will Host ‘SNL’ Again

Tina FeyI’ve got a new theory regarding which celebrity has a deal with the devil. (Not in a creepy, evil way that we should disapprove of, but in an awesome “How do they do EVERYTHING so fantastically without melting into a pile of mush that’s too lazy to find the remote and change the channel so they don’t have to watch White Chicks three times in a row last Saturday?” kind of way.) Tina Fey has to have some sort of other worldly deal. She has to. Or she’s secretly Superwoman or something. She does 30 Rock, she writes and stars in movies, she’s promoting her book, she’s having another baby and on top of all that she’s a total babe. Now she’s adding the May 7 episode of SNL to her to-do list (her third hosting gig) and my mind is blown. There’s no way she actually sleeps. One thing’s for sure though, May 7 is going to be a good day for the sketch show.

Source: TV Line