10 Reasons Why ‘Grandfathered’ Is The Best Thing To Happen To Tuesday Night

Grandfathered premiered last night and it was just as epic as we all hoped it would be. John Stamos and babies have always been a fantastic combination, and though Stamos is now Grandpa Jimmy and not Uncle Jesse; it’s still pretty freaking adorable. With Josh Peck of Drake and Josh fame starring as his son Gerald, and the cutest baby pony tail ever, here are 10 reasons why Grandfathered is the best thing to happen to Tuesday night. 

1. John Stamos is just as hot now as he was when he played Uncle Jesse on Full House.


So yes, he admits to coloring his hair, and he might be a tad too tan, but the man is still flawless.

2. John Stamos’s character Jimmy “refused to go number two at the club” which makes him totally relatable.

Definite props to Grandfathered for making things are realistic as possible.

3. Gerald is teaching his daughter West African French.

Apparently, “Mandarin’s for suckers.”

4. Deion Sanders, Lil Wayne, and Don Rickles all had cameos.

Obviously the mark of a fantastic show are some fab cameos. (Just take a look at Empire.)

5. It’s a show that speaks to millennials’ obsession with social media.


Gerald decided to reach out to Jimmy after reading a Buzzfeed listicle called “28 Reasons Why Having a Dad is the Best.” Also, Gerald enjoys making diaper tutorials on YouTube in his spare time.

6. Gerald’s baby mama has him placed firmly in the friend-zone.

It’s a tad disparaging to know that sharing an offspring with someone does not necessarily mean you will be freed from the friend-zone.

7. The bonding between Jimmy and baby Edie will give you all the feels.


When Edie gave her grandpa a kiss it was cuteness overload.

8. Jimmy and Gerald’s mother Sarah (played by Paget Brewster) have ALL of the chemistry.


Sushi + Ponyboy = FOREVER

9. Jimmy’s apartment is house porn.

From the floor to ceiling windows to the leather couches, it’s stunning

10. Edie is the cutest kid EVER!

Seriously, even if babies aren’t exactly your thing, Edie is just perfect.


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