TLC Gears Up For Royal Wedding Coverage

prince william and kate middletonIn honor of a marriage that actually has a chance (in large part because it isn’t between two Americans), TLC will air wedding and royalty-inspired specials all throughout the week that Prince William and Kate Middleton are to wed. More specifically, the network is calling it a “U.K.-themed week,” which, in partnership with ITV Studios, will broadcast interviews with experts and round-table discussions on the inner workings of a marriage in the royal family. Additionally, TLC plans to have live coverage of the wedding itself on the special day (April 29th), and then they’ll air a shortened version of the event on April 30th and May 1st (in case your mother figures out the best way to torture you for every mile you put on her Honda as a kid is to Minority Report you and take your eyeballs out for the big day).

To kick off the theme, TLC will air The Queen on February 13th, which is a two-hour documentary on the romances, weddings, and divorces that have occurred in Queen Elizabeth II’s family. It will be followed by repeats of two specials that explore Prince William and Kate’s relationship, titled William & Kate: A Royal Love Story and William, Kate & 8 Royal Weddings. And I’m assuming the marathons of Say Yes to the Dress will go nowhere.

It’s safe to say that week in April will be an explosive week in television programming. Dust off your vuvuzelas, everyone.

Source: Huffpo