TNT & TBS Reveal Extensive Slate Of Upcoming Shows

conan obrienTBS and TNT upfronts were today and they gave us a sneak peek at their extensive list of new shows. And yep, most of them involve police work of some kind, because lord knows that’s the only interesting job where people can have engaging narratives to tune out while you cook dinner and nothing else is on. Either way, your mom is going to love these new shows.

We’re spotlighting the seven most interesting ones. Check out ComingSoon for the full rundown of all the new shows.

Major Crimes (TNT): It’s a spin-off. After seven years, Kyra Sedgwick’s The Closer is on its final season and the transition will follow Mary McDonnell to LA because that’s where all spin-offs have to be set. If you enjoy The Closer, there is a good chance you’ll like this one as well.

Conan (TBS): Well, it’s not so much a new show as it is a vacation. Conan O’Brien will take his show on the road to NYC October 31 to November 3 in his first televised return to the city. Expect many jokes at the expense of NBC and quips about how it feels like running into an awkward ex. It should be excellent.

The Wedding Band (TBS): Brian Austin Green (the lucky son of bitch married to Megan Fox; everything else he does is irrelevant) and Melora Hardin star in a show about four friends that moonlight in a band. Basically we’ve got another show about four slacker dudes, hooray for the male gender! This is what we’ve come down to! Congrats!

Scent of the Missing (TNT): Your basic cop procedural, but with a dog!

Gateway (TNT): Three brothers try to make a stand in the Old West during the years following the Civil War. While AMC is doing their own version of the post-Civil War era, it’s nice to TNT actually try something different.

An American Couple (TBS): This is your basic comedy about a couple getting hitched and their adventures on the way to the alter. What sets this one apart is that it’ll be an hour long show, from Mike O’Malley (Glee and Guts, two shows that need to be crossed NOW), and executive producer Conan O’Brien.

Pyramid (TBS): Yep, they’re bringing back the classic game only this time Andy Richter is hosting. Worth checking out for the host only? You betcha.

Source: ComingSoon