‘Today’ Makes a Mockery of The Royal Wedding For Halloween

Well, this is embarassing. For the record, not all Americans are like this. I promise. Here’s a video of the Today crew dressing up as members of the Royal Family for the Royal Wedding. As Matt Lauer points out, they spent so much time covering it this year, they may as well dress up as these folks for Halloween. That’s all fine and dandy, but did they have to stoop to the basest British stereotypes? Meredith Vieira’s cameo appearance should be cute, but she comes waddling up to the main stage yelling “Hilllooooo? Hillllooooo!” Come on, Today. Even you have to know this is in bad taste. At least Anne Curry’s Kate Middleton knows that silence is probably the best bet here. She’s probably wondering how her college degree was supposed to prepare her for this.

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